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Risk assessment

Knowing your risks and addressing them will ultimately increase your feeling of safety and add to the confidence you get from your surroundings like employees, customers, investors etc.

With our risk assessment process you will get a structured approach  focusing on threats towards your critical functions. Our process makes risk assessment easy to approach and don’t require you to provide a lot of time and ressources. With our process you quickly get going with preventive and impact reducing activities as the risk matrix tells you where to focus your efforts.

You will get:

  • A risk assessment with focus on non-financial risks
  • A comprehensive report including recommendations for next steps
  • A certificate for completing the risk assessment

Emergency & crisis management system

To ensure you retain the confidence of your stakeholders and protect your company’s reputation you need to develop an emergency & crisis management system that enables you to fast and efficiently handle emergency & crisis incidents.

With our services you will get a system that builds on best practices and years of experience giving you faster and more efficient emergency & crisis incident handling. You will get the right prioritisation of efforts with clear roles and responsibilities which enables the unaffected parts of your business to focus on serving your customers.

You will get:

  • Development of an Emergency & crisis management system with
    • Scope
    • Organisation
    • Process
    • Communication
    • etc.
  • Development of response plans based on identified risk scenarios with
    • Process
    • Ressource allocation
    • Checklists

Implementation program

To achieve confidence  from your stakeholders and feel safe and in control, you need a structured and coherent implementation of your emergency & crisis management system across your organisation. The successful implementation will be your license to operate.

With our implementation program you ensure a high level of awareness across the organisation and that emergency & crisis incident handling happens in a structured and cohesive way every time.

With our implementation program you will get a faster implementation, save internal project-resources and get a faster return on investment.

You will get:

  • A full implementation of an emergency & crisis management system
    • Involving senior leadership
    • Internal presentation
      • Intranet
      • Workshops
      • Townhalls
  • Training of key personel
  • Instructor-led kick-off exercises
  • Development of emergency & crisis management plan and/or response plans if not already done

Training programs

With well- trained and educated staff handling your emergency & crisis incidents you can feel safe knowing that incidents will be handled in a professional and consistent way. This will  increase confidence from your stakeholders, customers etc.

Our tailormade training programs provides you focused training with high level training value. Furthermore, using our training programs you will get cost-efficient training of key staff and save time.

Training programs could be:

  • Dilemma workshops for emergency & crisis response teams and/or executives
  • Training of response teams
  • Best practice seminars


The key to confidence from stakeholders and retaining your licens to operate is that you can demonstrate that your emergency & crisis management system are in top shape. A mean to that is frequent exercises.

With our exercise services you get tailormade exercises that fits your specific company, industry and focus areas so that you can maintain a high level of readiness. You will also benefit from an external evaluation of your performance during exercises which ensures a high level of quality in your system.

You will get:

  • A tailormade exercise
    • Functional or
    • Full-scale scenario based
  • Exercise material
    • Scenario development
    • Exercise instructions
  • Facilitation and execution of the exercise
  • On-site observation of the handling capability
  • Post-exercise evaluation on-site
  • A post-exercise report
    • Observations
    • Recommendations


Frequent and thorough review of your emergency & crisis management system is essential to retain the confidence in the system that will give you the feeling of safety. In addition it will demonstrate that you actively review your emergency & crisis management system as part of a continuous improvement cycle which is essential to retain confidence from your stakeholders, customers etc.

With our auditing service you get a structured approach that builds on best practices where you get all aspects of your emergency & crisis management system assessed and benchmarked, as well as identify potential improvement areas.

You will get

  • An audit of your emergency & crisis management system focused on 6 core areas:
    • Awareness & Anchoring
    • Organization
    • Plans
    • Communication
    • Post Incident Evaluation
    • Exercises & Training
  • Comparable scoring model
  • A comprehensive audit report with
    • observations
    • recommendations

Incident handling -
Real time

The feeling of safety comes from repeatedly handling emergency & crisis incidents in a successful way minimising the impact it has on customers, employees, shareholder value, reputation etc.

With our incident handling service we provide you with 24/7/365 access to professional and experienced emergency & crisis handling ressources that in a cost efficient way can assist your own team either as participants or leading the incident handling. With our services you are guaranteed a high professional standard and a fast and efficient handling of the incident.

You will get:

  • 24/7/365 instant access to professional incident handling capabilities
  • Participation in or leading incident handling teams
  • External “devils advocate” capability to assist your own team
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