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Full Scale Exercise

Every year Lauritzen Kosan conduct a large external exercise involving one of their Gas Carriers. As a shipowner and operator Lauritzen Kosan are required, according to the international ISM regulations, to conduct such an exercise to test the Ship Safety System and the company’s readiness.

Calm Water Crisis Consulting (CWCC) provided the 2019 exercise for Lauritzen Kosan where we based on the customers requirements put together a scenario that would challenge the organization and test as many crisis components as possible during the scheduled 6-8 hours of exercise.

Lauritzen Kosan had opted for a set-up where they had no knowledge about the scenario, other than what day the exercise would take place, and what vessel that would act as “wounded” vessel. CWCC designed the scenario playbook with the various crisis components, including possibilities for onboard real-life exercise that fitted the overall scenario and gave realism in terms of availability of the master etc. CWCC also arranged for briefing of 3rd party participants and briefing of the vessel command team. During the exercise CWCC acted as exercise facilitators and steered the exercise events using brown envelopes, calls from/to the vessel and 3rd parties so that the office crisis management team was kept busy throughout. Directly after the exercise CWCC facilitated a post exercise evaluation with all the exercise participants and extracted the learnings. Afterwards CWCC delivered a comprehensive report with our observations and recommendations for improvement.

The scenario we had developed for Lauritzen Kosan and their LPG/C tanker “Tilda Kosan” covered activation of the crisis management team following a simulated onboard engine room fire with full blackout on the vessel and burn injuries to a crew member. The exercise then progressed with initially a risk of grounding on a protected reef in the Indian Ocean, medical evacuation by helicopter, grounding with subsequent leakage of oil, media attention, salvage operation, arrest by authorities and towage to port.

The Lauritzen Kosan crisis team was very engaged and acted very professional with good compliance with their plans and in general a very good understanding of crisis management.

Lauritzen Kosan – Facts

  • Global provider of ocean transport of liquefied petrochemical gasses
  • Operates 35+ specialized liquefied petrochemical gas carriers
  • Active in gas segment since acquisition of Kosan Tankers in 1989
  • Strict focus on safety and environmental standards
  • Business unit within J. Lauritzen group
  • Owner by Lauritzen foundation
  • Headquarter in Copenhagen, Denmark

The scenario from Calm Water Crisis Consulting was challenging and kept the office crisis management team (including our communications department) quite busy. The exercise was well structured, well executed and very comprehensive allowing us to get around as many components as possible during the scheduled exercise time.

Karsten Gauger

Head of People & Quality
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