Success is in the preparation


Do you want to feel safe knowing that your company are prepared to handle any unforeseen emergency/crisis event that might hit you?

Do you want your customers, shareholders and employees to have trust in you and the company’s ability to get through any unforeseen emergency/crisis event that might hit you?

Do you want your operating environment, customers and society to see you as a responsible company that taskes charge when an emergency/crisis happens?

We can help you get there

Preparing for loss
is actually a win

Incidents do happen. Solid preparation will increase trust from customers and shareholders

We work with all types of enterprises

Our customers

From small start-up’s facing increased demands from banks and investors who wants to know the company’s risk profile and the preventive actions they take, to the large global company for whom risk mitigation and being on the forefront of emergency & crisis handling are critical to protect brand and shareholder value.

We know that not two companies are the same, so our framework enables you to plug-in from where you are today and we can fast and easy get you to the point where you feel safe, have earned trust and demonstrated responsibility.

Our services

With our portfolio of services, you will get fast and easy access to structured methodology, leverage on best practices and years of experience, competent resources that can make things move and ultimately get a fast return on the investment you make in your emergency & crisis management system.
Our services will help you protect your costumers, protect your reputation, gain confidence from your employees and lower the financial impact from any extraordinary emergency & crisis incident.

And bring value to our customers

Lauritzen Kosan

Lauritzen Kosan do regular exercises to test their crisis management set-up in accordance with the ISM requirements for shipowners. We conducted a full-scale exercise for them around an incident onboard a LPG/C gas tanker vessel.

Planets Pride A/S

Planets Pride A/S wanted to get a better understanding of their risks. We facilitated a Risk Assessment workshop where we identified all their operational risks and identified immediate actions they could take to reduce risks.

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Webinar on Weather & Crisis

Tuesday November 10th, 2020 Calm Water Crisis Consulting hosted with our partner Vento Maritime a webinar with the title “Hurricanes – How to reduce the risks of a perfect storm”. 

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New Eco-system partner – Pragmatique

Calm Water Crisis Consulting ApS is pleased to announce that we are expanding our partner eco-system by entering a collaboration agreement with Pragmatique Denmark ApS. Pragmatique Denmark ApS is a

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