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We help you navigate the voyage towards successful Crisis Management. A place where your plans are solid, well exercised and your customers appreciate your way of handling difficult situations.

EU Marine related Casualties 2011-17. 

Source: EU Marine Safety Agency

The World is Getting more Extreme

Global warming generates more extreme weather, more unrest and uncertainty between super powers and others, cyber threats towards our personal and business life, full social media transparency, trade wars, tighter supply chains, larger ships and the list goes on. These changes in our operating environment are causing more crisis situations and they are becoming more severe and exceedingly harder to handle if we are not well prepared. Singularity University has named Disaster Resilience as one of the 12 global challenges on par with Water, Health and Learning. 

Getting the upper hand

A well prepared and solid crisis management plan and structure, that are practised and tested regularly will enable you to respond in the best possible way to an unforeseen crisis situation and protect your employees, reputation and your customers. In addition, it can lower the financial impact from the crisis situation.

Preparing for Loss is Actually a Win

Incidents do Happen. Customers will Choose Whoever is Better Prepared to Manage it.

Our services

Identify Gaps

Our Crisis Management Audit will identify gaps and guide you to improve.

Make it happen

We create your Crisis Management Structure with you and help you implement it across your organization.

Make it Stick

Our Training and Exercise Services will ensure that your team is ready.

Get Support

We can help you manage your incidents and guide you on crisis management related issues.

About us

Calm Water Crisis Consulting was established in 2019 to contribute in solving the Global Challenge of Crisis Management. The vision is to do this by helping businesses being as prepared as possible to handle any unforeseen crisis situation they may experience. We believe efficient and effective crisis management will create value for the business itself as well as for society in general.

The Maritime industry is one area where crisis situations happens regularly and where there is a large risk the consequences of a crisis situation will impact society through disrupted supply chain, environmental and economic impact.

At Calm Water Crisis Consulting we are maritime industry experts as well as crisis management experts and we understand the value a well-prepared crisis management plan and structure can generate. 

Steffen Conradsen, Founder

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